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P!nto, Posture Correcting Seat Cushions

Look around you, at home, in the bus, in the cafe, anywhere. Notice how everyone is slouching one way or another? This is bad for our back and posture in the long run!

No one wants a bad back when they are old, actually not even when they are young, just that it’s more miserable in the later years.
With correcting our sitting posture, this can be alleviated with proper seating support.

Hisako Nomura, an occupational therapist and the founder of the association of Ecological Therapy since 1998, studied the rehabilitation method based on perception and action. In 2013, she came up with the idea of 3 dimensional optimized seating position “ETHREEM”, and embedded into this philosophy the p!nto lineup of seat cushions. 

Through her experience working with various clients, she found out that we are actually not sitting straight and correctly which causes permanent damage to the posture over time. The p!nto seat cushions forces the body to sit in a proper posture, using cutting edge scanner technology to pinpoint the angles of the cushion to make a perfectly shaped cushion that supports the human body.

The cushion can be placed into any seats with a back, be it in the train, dining table or office chairs. It has been tested based on JIS standard (Compression Testing) to 80,000 times !

Japan Premium proudly carries a range of p!nto seat cushions as part of our health and beauty awareness initiatives.

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