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ISDG Enzymes, which is for which?

Enzymes are what help break down larger molecules into easily absorbed particles, which is important for our digestive health.

There are a few important benefits, the first one is it assists the digestive tract in breaking down hard to digest proteins and sugars such as gluten and lactose.
It also enhance nutrition absorbtion by breaking down the nutrition and maximize what your food has to offer.
By combining all these fantastic functions, it translates to very good metabolism, which helps you stay in shape!

1) The white pack - Bifidobacterium
Doubt as the starter pack, this is formulated with 232 types of vegetable enzymes! Apart from enzymes, it also has Lactobacillus Bifidos, that ensures the intestine does not absord uneccesary nutrients that make you put on weight.
This pack also helps those who are facing constipation. 

2) The blue pack - Citrulline
The best selling pack of all time, the one that helps you burn fat while you are at sleep. The Night Diet Enzyme has 4 types of Amino acids, coupled with the enzymes, it helps encourage metabolic process while you sleep.
The standard it to take 2-4 pills each day, you may take the white one in the morning while taking this at night for an even better result!

3) The green pack - Coleus Forskoli
Other than the 232 vegetable enzymes, it contains yeast, malt and Coleus Forskoli! These break down sugar compounds and fats the whole day. If you are into sweet food, this is the one you need to take.

4) The pink pack - Pearl Bird's Nest
Inspired by the Chinese, bird's nest is a beauty delicacy. Combined with the 232 vegetable enzyme, it does not only make you lose weight, but makes your skin look better too!

If you would like to start your journey to have a better digestion, you may buy it here!

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