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1) Nakakirei Naka Kirei 酵素 Enzyme Diet (410 mg x 30 capsules)

As you enter your 30s and 40s, it will become more difficult to lose weight even if you diet and will feel constipated and swelled up often. It is the caused by declining metabolism, and some might even experience it in their 20s.
When the metabolism declines, waste products will naturally accumulate in the body causing constipation and swelling and it also affects the skin, causing acne and pimples to appear.
The "Nakakirenai Enzyme" enzyme supplement formulated in Japan, rather than made from common vegetables and fruits like other products, uses koji mold from soybeans and grains. It also contains lactic acid bacteria and dietary fiber for a well-balanced diet, and by absorption into the body, it will help to discharge the accumulated waste products.
Women in particular suffer from stress and unbalanced diet from shock dieting and tend to feel constipated quickly. From those who actually this product, they report that their stomachs "no longer feel bloated", "it passes easier" and benefit from it.

2) VC×100 FUTURE IN SERUM (30ml)

Loved by many, the Vitamin C serum by Madre:X is not oily, yet it feels refreshing and moisturized. I It has 8% vitaminc C derivatives and also 100 times more percolation, leading to more plump and clearer skin.

3) HADA NATURE Rich Moist Cleansing (150g) - BUY 2 FREE 1 Special

Placed highly on cosme rankings, namely Rakuten, Yahoo and Cosme.net. The carbonated cleanser is gentle to your skin with 53 types of natural beauty Japanese ingredients from Japan. It not only functions as a cleanser, it’s also a carbonated mask pack! Rich in hyaluronic acid, nano collagen and placenta.
Best of all, remove your makeup with ease, don’t even need to rub! Which meant, no double cleansing is needed.

4) Metal Muscle HMB (72g / 180 tablets)

Used and endorsed by GACKT, HMB contains more nutrients for effective bodybuilding than ordinary protein. Ten pills of HMB has the effect of twenty cups of protein. Containing a rich mixture of ingredients such as BCAA and creatine, every six pills contain 1600 mg of HMB. It comes in the convenient form of a 10mm diameter supplement pill that is both easy to drink and carry.

5) Japan #1 ISDG 232 Vegetable Diet Enzyme Supplement 野菜果物 酵素 (120 tablets)

Enzymes are what help break down larger molecules into easily absorbed particles, which is important for our digestive health.

6) EX:BEAUTE CC Cream – SPA 50+

Japan’s Madre:X’s CC Cream is specially formulated encompass the best of foundation, base cream and BB cream. Covers pores and unevenness in skin giving it a fresh, long-lasting natural appearance. SPF 50+ PA+ rated.

7) MAPUTI Organic Fragrance White Cream (100ml) - Double Set Special

MAPUTI Organic Whitening Cream is infused with a fresh fruity and elegant long-lasting fragrance blended with 11 herbal extracts and organic beauty components (certified by ECOCERT).
Fight against body odour, itchiness and darkening. Especially formulated for delicate zones such as underarms, bust, and thigh areas.
Gentle to the skin, this all-natural organic cream is paraben-free and contains NO artificial ingredients. Good for sensitive skin types. 

8) BABY TAB Bicarbonate Bath Salt Onsen Soft Skin

A tablet shaped bicarbonate bath salt made from patented manufacturing methods specially formulated for baby’s skin. Can be used by children or adults, anyone with sensitive skin. It removes residual chlorine from the water with 1 tablet and helps balances skin pH and condition after use.
No soap or shampoo is needed.

9) FTC Perfect FF Eyelash Serum (4ML)

FTC (Felice Towako Cosme) is Japan’s leading luxury skincare and aging care brand with the most advanced and innovative cosmetic ingredients that is carefully selected and tested by Japanese top beauty celebrity TOWAKO KIMIJIMA (Co-Founder, a former famous actress) and her husband (Co-Founder, a former dermatologist).
FTC’s products were born under her experience and unique philosophy for making your skin glow.
This serum hydrates your eyelash and protects from UV rays. Apply twice a day, in the morning and at night, after your regular skincare routine. Using at night is more effective as serum works while you get your sleep. As seen in Japanese major magazines.

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