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Transino White C - In-Depth Explanation

The craze for whiter skin has been growing year after year (Aside the racial misinterpretation of the recent big brand advertisement). When you walk to cosmetic shops or pharmacies, you will definitely see rows of whitening supplements, or even whitening cream at least.

From the top brands to some dodgy little known brands, there are many. To distinguish if they do really work, take a good look at the ingredient list. Skin whitening products should have a minimum of Vitamin-C, then you have the good stuffs like L-Cysteine.

You may ask, "Vitamin-C? Sure, I know what it is. But what on earth is L-Cysteine?"

Well according to draxe.com, it's a “semi-essential” amino acid because it can be made in small amounts by the human body, but many people can still benefit from consuming more cysteine from their diets or supplements because of its numerous health benefits. The human body can usually manufacturer L-cysteine from the amino acids serine and methionine, but you need enough folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 for that to be possible.  Along with two other amino acids, glutamine and glycine, L-cysteine is needed to make glutathione, the master antioxidant that’s crucial for your health. L-cysteine is usually the amino acid that’s in shortest supply for making glutamine, so it’s important that you get enough of this amino acid, even though it’s not considered essential.  Although L-cysteine is a minor scavenger of oxidative stress, its most important role is reviving glutathione, one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body. Longevity researchers believe that glutathione is so pivotal to your health that the level of this antioxidant in your cells may be a predictor for how long you will live. It’s the body’s most important antioxidant because it is within the cell, making it essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and fighting cellular damage.

To make it short, it's the antioxidant coupled with vitamin-c that helps you maintain your skin.

Transino White C has both of the ingredients, and they are hugely popular in Japan as one of the first few that came out whitening supplements. They have a few more products including masks but today we will looking at the White C tablets.

This supplement has a maximum amount of L-cysteine of 240mg, with 1000mg of Vitamin-C along with excellent source of Vitamin E, B2, and B6.

Here's an image of how it takes effect UNDER the skin.

After reading all, interested? Contact us or click here: Transino White C - Japan Premium

Or you can stay at home always, which is no fun.

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