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A wipe-off cleanser by day, and a makeup remover by night! Enzyme beauty serum make up remover cleanser all-in-one~

I have always been particular about my makeup remover as 

I apply makeup every single day.
Recently, my friend recommended me something which suits me really well 
and I can't wait to share it with you guys! 💖

My first impression of this product is that 
it contains "beauty enzyme" 🌟
It's called enzyme beauty serum make up remover cleanser all-in-one!

This enzyme beauty serum make up remover cleanser all-in-one

was the proud winner of COSME Japan Makeup Remover Award in 2017!

What's more...
It's sales exceeded 180,000 bottles within a few days in Japan!!

It has also been featured in many beauty magazines in Japan!

As it contains more than 95% beauty serum, it is known as the "liquid of beauty"!

If you'd ask me what's so unique about it..?
It is it's watery & feather light texture 
that attracted my attention!!

It's consistency is like a toner,
but unlike many other makeup removers, it is not oily at all!

Just like how it is named, it can be used as a 
wipe-off cleanser & beauty serum in the morning (No rinsing needed!).
Absolutely love how convenient it is! 💕

The secret to its high cleansing power is due to
high amount of fermented fruit enzymes!

 Furthermore, as it is generously packed with 
micro-amino acid rich beauty ingredients and collagen,
dirt & impurities within the pores can be cleanse thoroughly & washed away!

Many makeup removers in the market not only removes makeup,
but they also strip off the natural sebum which is important for 
retaining moisture on our skin!! 😰

With enzyme beauty serum make up remover cleanser all-in-one,
it only removes make up and dirt while keep our skin moist & firm! ãƒãƒ¼ãƒˆ

When I tried it myself, I couldn't believe what I saw... 😱

When I wipe my face without makeup on,
as you can see on the cotton pad.
there were really dirt coming out of my face!!

This product does not use the regular water...
but instead... they use
Japanese hot spring water!!

As many of you already know,
Japanese hot spring water is well known for its 
healing & beautifying properties!

Now, let's see how well it can remove makeup...

I was completely awestruck by its effectiveness in removing makeup!

I have applied foundation, red lipstick, eye shadow,
and eyeliner on the back of my hand.

All makeup came off effortless just by wiping with 
cotton pad soaked in this beauty serum makeup remover!

Now, I only need 30 seconds to remove all my makeup!
So convenient & easy to use!
It's the best product for lazy people like me.. haha

Even for heavy makeup,
with gentle pressing a few times,
it gets removed without much effort!!

Overall, I feel that this product is definitely more gentle to the skin
compared to many oil-based makeup remover.

It did not cause any irritation on my skin at all!

I would absolutely recommend this to people who 
regularly apply makeup 💄and who seek for skincare which 
does not put burden on the skin. 👩

Needless to say, this product was selling fast in Japan 
thanks to many positive reviews and feedbacks!!

If you are interested in this product,
please feel free to get more information on their official website 


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