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This is what happened to my skin after using this probiotics lotion for 2 months...

What comes into your mind when you saw the word 'probiotics'?
For me, I will think of yogurt that helps improve our gut/digestive systems. 😅

However, recently I heard that some of my friends are using yogurt face pack.
Apparently it is really good for our skin! 🌟

I was really doubtful at first..
When I researched about it online, I was dumbfounded.
I found that there are many benefits using probiotics skincare! 😲

But then.. How do I care for my skin using yogurt???
Which yogurt should I use???

Then, I found out about this amazing Probiotics Lotion.

Guess what? 
It has been ranked the No.1 Skincare Must-have Item for 2018
by various Japanese beauty magazines!!

Did you know that...
when there are more bad skin bacteria than good skin bacteria,
our skin becomes more prone to irritation & rashes!

Probiotics lotion actually help deliver good bacteria 
(also known as Skin Staphylococcus) to our skin! 💕

Not only that....
It also protects and repair skin damages due to dryness & UV rays!

It is especially suitable for us Malaysians 
as we are constantly exposed to UV rays & hot sun... 🌞

Not to mention those of us who work in air con rooms for long hours.
Air con is actually the main culprit for dry skin 😨

Therefore, I decided to give probiotics lotion a try...

When I dispensed some lotion on my hand...
I was surprised by its milk-like consistency. 😃

Once I apply it on my skin,
it gets absorbed almost instantly!
It kind of reminded me like how water is absorbed by a sponge 😆

Immediately my skin feels moist & bouncy! ⏬

Although it is a moisturizer,
I feel like it fully moisturizes the skin without the need of 
applying any other skincare such as lotion or toner! 

My skin gets moisturized perfectly just with this ONE bottle!!💧

I have been using it ever since,
regardless of whether I am in air con room or during my flight. ✈

Thanks to this amazing probiotics lotion,
my skin has never been better!

My friends noticed that my skin complexion improved (as I had very dry skin)
and I told them I have been using this probiotics lotion.

And now, they are using it too!

If you'd ask me how what is the best way to use it,
I would strongly recommend that you 
chill it in the fridge first before applying 

It gives a very pleasant cooling sensation especially on a hot & sunny day.

Check out their official website 👇

I tested my skin moisture level,
and my skin moisture went up to 43.2%!!

What's better, I noticed that I no longer get skin irritations & rashes
after using this probiotics lotion!
It used to bother me a lot as I have quite sensitive skin.

Maybe it is all thanks to the 
good bacteria delivered by probiotics lotion to my skin!

If you are facing the same problems as I do,
I would definitely recommend that you use this probiotics lotion

It does not only moisturizes,
but also protects your skin by boosting the skin's immunity! 💖

The Americans love it as too!
This probiotics lotion has been ranked 
No.1 in the Selectier USA Weekly Sales Ranking🙌
the first week it was introduced in the USA!

👍4 reasons why you will love this probiotics lotion👍
1. It increases the good bacteria that beautifies & protects your skin
2. It helps ward off harmful UV rays
3. It is non-sticky!!
4. Moisturizes your skin throughout the day 💧

Want to know more about this probiotics lotion?

Check out their official website 👇

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