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You might look 20 years older without applying sunscreen...

As a saying goes: You can go out without drawing your eyebrows, or without putting on lipstick, BUT not without sunscreen!

Let's take a look at this shocking news:

"This is a photo published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The photo below shows a 69-year-old truck driver. He has been driving a truck for 28 years.... Long-term exposure of his left face to the sun is obviously older compared to his right face..."

So, long-term exposure to ultraviolet light doesn't just make you tan....but to age slowly...

Are you able to tell that Lin Qingxia was already in her 60s while this photo was taken?
Recently, the "ageless" goddess Lin Qingxia revealed that her secret weapon anti-aging is by using "sunscreen"!

Strongly recommend cutting edge NALC Sunscreen developed in Japan

SPF 50+


Known as "prevent sunburn even under the sea" supple absorption, refreshing non-greasy sunscreen gel!
It works best during summer, and it contains a generous amount, suitable to use it as a sunscreen for body.

This NALC sunscreen is very good at waterproofing and sweatproof! Even if you sweat a lot, there won't be white residues of sunscreen melting on your face! It will not turn muddy or white after putting on foundation. Suitable for both men and women and even for children and elderly.

Let's take a look at its water resistance level!

Did you see that? (Image on the left) The hand applied with traditional sunscreen was sprayed with some water, and the white sunscreen came out with the water. This will greatly reduce the sunscreen effect. That's why many people get tanned easily even after applying sunscreen!

(Image on the right) Even if the hand applied with NALC sunscreen, was sprayed with water, the skin color remains. It shows that the sunscreen will not be emulsified and will not be washed off due to the sweating! 💖 Because it is super waterproof, it is not easy to be discharged, so it does not need to be reapplied all the time! Super convenient 💖

NALC sunscreen help to deal with 5 years worth of dark spots, wrinkles and other issues!

In Malaysia, we are constantly exposed to the sun every day. If you don't plan on doing anything for sun protection, the spots and wrinkles will eventually become more and more serious after 5 years, and will age faster. 😭

But don't worry, in order to avoid aging, NALC sunscreen contains Clara extract, which is effective in suppressing spots. In addition, it also prevents wrinkles and saggy skin!

NALC's sunscreen is very effective and popular among Japanese.
Out of the 200 million sunscreens in Rakuten, they won the first place!! They sure deserved it!

I personally used NALC sunscreen. It's really easy to use and I like it very much!

Its color is slightly yellowish, creamy-like texture, not too heavy.

Waterproof and sweat-proof, you won't feel anything after use. Strongly recommended for those who care about their looks!!💓

Product Summary

1. It uses the most advanced three-phase emulsification technology - super waterproof effect
2. Completely free of interfacial activity, alcohol, preservatives, colorants, mineral oil, etc. - mild to the skin
3. After emulsification, it is waterproof and sweat-proof, and it is not easy to be discharged.
4. Not sticky, can be absorbed easily
5. Does not whiten the skin after application
6. Can be used as a liquid foundation
7. Contains beauty ingredients which prevents the skin from getting sunburned!

NALC's sunscreen was first introduced to Malaysia this year. Hot-selling now, if you are interested, please hurry up before it gets sold out! Anyway,  make sure to apply on sunscreen all year round!

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