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How this product helped me achieve brighter & acne-free skin

Whitening + Anti-Acne + Moisturizer
This 1 bottle is everything that I need for my skin! 

My skincare dilemma 

I've always dreamt to have good and nice skin since I was small. Yet, I was an athlete in high school, athlete more vulnerable to breakout, contribute to acne on chest, back and sunburnt skin due to playing sports 😞

Do I have to buy anti-acne skincare first to repair my skin? Or should I apply the cream to reduce my sunburn first? Can I apply both skincare products to my face? Would there be any bad effects from applying too many products?

So, I bought both the whitening cream & anti-acne product and applied it every day. But due to my busy lifestyle, I always tend to forget to apply both.  And all of this skincare costs me almost RM 350 every month but no cure!!

NALC Three Protect Gel 💖

This is when I decided that enough is enough. I did my own research on the internet to find out what product is suitable for my skin problems and I finally found one! 

The popular Japanese Skincare brand, 
NALC launched a new "medicated" product with 5 functions!!

Medicated means this product has been recognized by the Japanese government to be effective in improving and preventing symptoms such as dark spots, acne, and other skin problems. 

Gentle, Effective and Deeply moisturizing medicated skincare.

NALC Three Protect Gel treats a range of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and dry skin, It prevents skin dryness, gives the skin a moisture boost and reduces fine lines too. 

Scientifically proven hypoallergenic formula to be effective with little to no side effects.

Free from additives, and gentle to the skin, suitable for sensitive skin. 💙

5 Functions
🌈 Lotion
🌈 Milky Lotion
🌈 Facial serum
🌈 Cream
🌈 Leave-on night mask

An all-in-one skincare product! One bottle of the NALC Medicated Three Protect Gel replaces lotion, milky lotion, beauty essence, and cream! A one-step replacement of all of your skincare products, full skincare product set usually costs a bomb, but with NALC Medicated Three Protect Gel it's definitely worth your money. 

If you wonder why is it worth trying the NALC Three Protect Gel? 
Here are the info and ingredients:

For whitening functions, it’s formulated with an active ingredient, tranexamic acid
It suppresses the production of melanin to reduce the appearance of spots and freckles. 

The NALC Three Protect Gel is also formulated with Dipotassium glycyrrhizate that works against acne & pimples. This ingredient is extracted from a plant called Licorice, so you can use it with peace of mind! 😊

Formulated with high amounts of moisturizing ingredients. It has more than 20 moisturizing ingredients in one bottle!!💓

✓Collagen improves skin elasticity
Ceramide improves skin barrier
Amino acid soothes skin and has antioxidant properties
Hyaluronic acid retains water to keep skin tissues well lubricated and moist

Balance out water and oil
Water hydrates the skin but doesn't moisturize. The oil moisturizes the skin but doesn't hydrate. A delicate balance of oil + water is essential for soft, dewy and healthy skin. 

It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients prone to redness, itchiness, and dry flakes skin. 
Botanically derived ingredients help to soothe sensitive skin, treat eczema and improve the appearance of flaky skin.

Pamper your skin with 6 natural ingredients 💓💓
They used natural ingredients such as white fungus polysaccharide, artichoke extract, Scutellaria root extract, soybean extract, almond extract, bilberry leaf extract.
The ingredient has been tested & approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health.
So you don’t have to worry, as it will keep your skin fair & healthy. Get that radiant glow from the inside!!

How to use for the best results:

Use twice a day (morning & night).
☀️In the morning can get skin hydrated and ready for makeup.
🌜At night, rejuvenate our skin even under air-conditioned room for the whole night

My makeup looks better in the second morning
If you feel uncomfortable tightness, you can apply a thicker layer before sleep, and the next morning you will found your skin glowing.

In the morning, you can use NALC Sunscreen Perfect Waterproof Sunblock SPF 50+/ PA++++ UV Protect instead as it also contains moisturizing ingredients!

It is very moisturizing so you do not need a lot of it to obtain the best result, it doesn't leave oily residue on our face!


It's quite sticky at first but absorbs really fast. Only one droplet fully covered my whole face.
This is what it looks like after applying, it gets absorbed into my skin, my skin become so moist and smooth :D

You don’t have to worry about getting another night cream, as the NALC Three Protect Gel has a night mask function as well, making it true All-in-One skincare

I’m so happy with my skin condition now, and I am also glad that it helps me save up some of my pocket money too :p I recommend this product for those who are facing the same issues as me. 

Trust me, you won’t regret it AT ALL!

If you have acne & spots issues like me, I recommend you to try the NALC Three Protect Gel! 
Our skin can become healthier with regular use 😘


How much does it cost??
With NALC Three Protect Gel, you only need to spend RM136 for 3 functions! 

It lasted for 2-3 months for me to use once daily

So, costed me around RM 45 per month!

Great value for money! 😍

Where to buy?
I bought it from this online shop called Japan Premium! 
They are a trusted online platform that only sells authentic Japanese skincare products! They provide FREE SHIPPING at the moment too!

Click on the button below to learn more about the product 👇👇

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