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Japan Premium Malaysia was born to provide fellow Malaysians with a trustworthy e-commerce platform specializing in health & beauty products directly from Japan. We truly appreciate amazing lifestyles and products that Japan has to offer, so we strives to share with the world the latest products, feedbacks and news about Japan through our online store, blog, Facebook, and more.

We have grown to include over 20 leading brands under Japan Premium. Rest assured, they're 100% authentic - no counterfeits products.

We have a dedicated customer service team who are ever willing to answer your questions and offer honest advise - so you can choose what's right for your skin need.
We're sometimes busy, especially during peak shopping seasons, but if you send us an email or Whatsapp, we'll reply within 48 hours.

Please take time and enjoy browsing our online store, looking over our complete selection of health & beauty products. We are working hard to add on more selections from Japanese leading brands and will be including more skincare range in the near future.

Your happiness is our satisfaction and above all else, we wish you the best - now and in the future - we hope you have a great time shopping with us!

Japan Premium Malaysia

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