'Attack' on Tokyo Skytree

Source: Ryutsuu
 Attack on Titan, one of the most popular anime series right now, is collaborating with Tokyo Skytree to create a spectacular showcase of the anime with models. This is also to relate to how tall the Colossal Giant is, which the 7.5m x 2.5m huge character model’s head was seen ‘breaking’ into the window on the 350th floor in the SkyTree.

By using your smartphone, you can collect stamps in 5 different stamp points. Once you have collected all, you can exchange them for stickers.
Source: anime-now
Source:  Ryutsuu
‘Attack on Titan’s’ special menu is served on the observation deck during this period only. They are served with collectible coasters designed with Attack on Titan graphics.

Source:  Ryutsuu
The food is created just for the sole purpose of letting you destroy a titan. Well, you can eat it too. As pictured above, you will pour soda water onto the cotton candy, which in turn melts it.

Source:  Ryutsuu
As you walk around, you can see a short story being showcased on the wall of the corridor walls.

Source: anime-now
They have also placed these cheeky little stickers of the characters at a few different spots on the floor. Try to spot them all!
The number of visitors is on a steady decline since the tower’s grand opening in 2012. This exhibition wasn’t just to showcase the popular anime series, it’s also to attract more visitors to the tallest TOWER in the world, standing at 634m.
The exhibition will run from April 10 to July 14 this year. Go there for the view, as well as the spectacular models of ‘Attack on Titan’.

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