Be Appreciative At Your Work Place

A happy work environment makes a happy job. Employees nowadays look for a compatible boss, or even colleagues, just to enjoy working for each other. Research shows 40.3% of the respondents wasn’t thanked by anyone at work.

"The presence or lack of words of thanks affects whether people feel their job is worthwhile as well as the results of that workplace," says the Japan Management Association.

The survey was conducted on the internet via 1000 members between 20 to 69 years old registered with the association. When asked what are the compliments that made them happiest at work? The top answer was "Thank you," picked by 34 percent of the men and 43.2 percent of the women.

The results were released before the Japanese Labour’s Day, which falls on the 23rd of November.

Furthermore, the association found that around 80 percent of people who felt their jobs were worthwhile actively expressed thanks to those around them, compared with only around 50 percent of those who didn't feel so. Around 70 percent of those who thought their workplace was producing results were active in expressing thanks. The results suggest that words of thanks lend mental and emotional support.

Source: The Mainichi (November 19, 2016)

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