Foundation: Matte vs Dewy, which one?

Foundation: Matte vs Dewy, which one?

We all need foundation. No matter how good our face is, there is some imperfections. Foundations are designed to do just that, to cover up blemishes. But even with the availability of internet, many are still wondering, which type of foundation?

Choosing the right shade is important. If it’s too light, your skin will look too contrasted with other parts of your body. On the side note, it’s good to clean it and moisturize your face before applying the foundation to ensure longevity and comfort.

Usually, matte foundation is good for women with oily skin especially for Malaysians as we tend to sweat more with our hot climate. Matte is good to pull light inward, so it looks velvety.

If you have good skin, dewy foundation will be good. It gives out a younger look with its glossy finish.
Also to note, if you sweat often, it is better to find foundations that are sweat-proof.

Each type of foundation has its perks and looks lovely. Ultimately the choice should be made depending on the occasion, the desired look and skin type.

If you like matte foundation, give these lovely Ex:beaute foundations a try. They have superb coverage and well-loved by many Japanese makeup artists and on the Paris show runways!

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