Umaemon Umaibo Has A Little Sister! Meet Umami-Chan

source: ladyxwinter
Umaibo is a popular Japanese snack, made out of corn in a cylindrical form. Why is it so popular? It tastes good and its small. Most importantly, its cheap at only 10 yen!
For those who hasn't tried it, it has a similar texture like Cheetos since they are made of the same ingredient. Other than cheese flavours, they are offered in many flavours
such as chocolate, takoyaki, mentai and many more special flavours.

source: Sankei News
For a long time, the mascot for Umaibo is a cat, Umaemon, which is similar to the popular anime character, Doraemon.
Recently, Umami-Chan was unveiled as an added mascot as a younger sister to Umaemon, at the Abeno Loft of Abenozu, Abeno-Ku, Osaka-shi.
The figure is 153cm tall with a hat that's shaped and coloured like the snack itself sporting grey hair and a turqoise coat.

According to her profile, she is 17 years old of 'Earth age', suggesting she's from a foreign planet. She has a cheerful personality and often sings by using Umaibo as a

Umami-Chan got her own Umaibo Cheese Flavour pack containing 30 sticks, which was released in Japan in April.

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