Panda Cub Growing Healthily

TOKYO (Kyodo) - A giant panda cub born at a Tokyo zoo in June is growing healthily, weighing 3,756.40 grams and measuring 47.9 centimeters in length after 70 days, the zoo said Tuesday.

As she was being measured on Monday, the cub raised her trunk and shook her head, according to Ueno Zoological Gardens. The cub can probably see objects at close range, a zoo official said.

The cub had gained 750 grams and 4 cm since the previous checkup on Aug. 11 but cannot stand on all fours yet, according to the zoo.

Japan's oldest zoo has been flooded with around 320,000 suggestions from the public regarding names for the cub and is planning to announce her name after mid-September, when she will be 100 days old.

The cub, born to mother Shin Shin and father Ri Ri, is the first giant panda born at the Ueno zoo since 2012. The previous cub died within a week of birth.

*pictured is not the actual cub

Source: Mainichi

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