Air-Cond, your best friend or your enemy?

No matter what you try, you will have to be in an air-conditioned environment in Malaysia. We have to deal with our hot climate, possibly up to 40°C, sweating and smelling afterwards which is all a horrible nightmare.

However, being in an air-conditioned environment for long dries up your skin real fast. The closer you are to direct cold air, the worse it gets. So get away from direct air to not have your skin dry out even faster.

How do we combat this? Turning the air conditioner off? Not a chance. We would be sweating like a pig, but covered in suits and ties or dress and shirts. Not to mention the smell.

What we have to do is moisturize. The most basic moisturizer, water. Drink water so your body can replenish your skin. Then we up our game, by applying moisturizer directly to our skin, especially your face.

Apply something like Vitamin C Serum. Apply it on your face towards outside like massaging your face. Apply it again to the skin around your mouth & eyes and cheek.

While it moisturizes, it also help your skin look clearer and fuller. What it means is, you look healthier and younger!

It does have it's perks though. We have either rain or shine. Just two climates that we have to deal with. And being in a beautiful tropical country where all the flora and fauna is.

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