How To Keep Your Baby's Soft Skin?

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Babies are born with luscious skin that just makes you want to kiss and bite (of course jokingly) them. However, with the harsh environment nowadays such as UV rays and bacterias, parents even have to think twice before bringing their babies out for a simple lunch date with friends.

Sometimes, a normal bath, even a warm bath is not sufficient to wash off bacterias or impurities. In Japan, they add a little tablet called bicarbonate bath salt onsen, basically bicarbonate and some ingredients to clean and preserve the soft skin of baby of yours.

It helps balances the pH of the skin, and removes chlorine in the water, which can lead to dryness. No soap or shampoo is required too!

We have a great product directly from the land of the rising sun, made in the rising sun and tested by the babies of rising sun. Try it out, it can be even used for adults with sensitive skin. Get it here: Baby Tab

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