Type of Cleansers for Skin

Have you ever sit so close to a group of people that you see their face peeling of skin because of dryness, then you see another one glowing under the light because it's oily?

Then you see yourself, how can I be neutral and try not to be like them.

The first step to a good skin is to identify your face type, is it oily or is it dry, or it's a combination of both!

Oily skin type generally has to use cleansers that aren't aggressive, that cleans out pores that are filled with oil and trapped debris from your everyday commute. Such as the gel type and foam type, they carry away the dirt easier and doesn't dry out your skin & start peeling. Something like Hada Nature. It so easy to clean, that if you put it on your makeup, it just starts to dissolve.

Then you have oil cleansers. Sounds weird ain't it? Using oil to clean oil away. It's a case of positive attracts. 'Oil attracts oil'. They can be of multiple cleansing process. Face with makeup can clean this and your cleansing foam/gel can have an easier job.

Water cleansers are a clever marketing term. It sounds natural. They are actually a combination of microscopic micelles that eat up dirt and oil. What this means is, you can put on a cotton pad, press it on and wipe your face with it, without even going to the toilet to wet your face like a traditional cleanser.

Confused? Try Hada Nature, natural carbonated foam cleanser that is gentle to your skin.

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