Marker Pen for Hair?

When you speak of colouring hair, usually we associate it with messy, gooey dyes that we put on our hair. Then you have to clean up the mess afterwards, and washing your hair, all in all a messy situation.

This product does exactly none of that. However, it may be temporary for a few days, its still convenient to use a marker pen for hair. Just like Hidaka Point Konbu Hair Colour Stick Grey Hair Concealer Dark Brown Colour.

Another fantastic Japanese product, it can dye your hair without worrying about colour imbalance, and no need to worry about the dirt in your hair or on your scalp. They are perfect for those who has half of their hair in different colour, such as the seniors.

And when you feel like retaining your original hair colour, just wash it off with your everyday shampoo.

Try it here:

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