Ryukakusan Cough Suppresant is in Malaysia!

Ryukakusan, the famous cough remedy has finally landed in Malaysia. The Japanese company has been in business since 1871, thats pre-world war 1 era, not even the 2nd.

Although it only started business in 1871, the medicine is actually a handed down medicine recipe since early 1700s through generations of the Satake clan of the Akita Domain.

Its a multi-awarded company. In 2006, “Swallowing Aid Jelly(Magic Jelly)” receives the Pharmaceutical Encouragement Award from the Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan. (APSTJ). Meanwhile in 2011, the current president, Ryuta Fujii receives the certificate of appreciation from the Governor of Tokyo as a person who has rendered distinguished service to the pharmaceutical industry.

If you have a sore throat or an itchy throat, try this! You may find it better than most local cough remedies.

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