Nobushina Brown Rice Coffee, healthy alternative to coffee.


If you have been drinking green tea, and you love it, you should try brown rice coffee. Brown rice coffee is a powerful detox drink, highly recommended as a healthy alternative to normal coffee as well! Be prepared to be mindblown.

What is Brown Rice Coffee?
Brown rice that has been deeply roasted using charcoal to draw out its unique coffee flavor. Only a slow and careful far-infrared roasting method produces Brown Rice Coffee. Eating 'kuroyaki', or charred natural produce, has long been considered a valuable folk-remedy in Japan. No wonder Japanese lives longer than most people.

How does it taste like?
If the pungent smell of a normal coffee turns you off, Brown Rice Coffee has distinct aromatic and sweetness characteristics. A unique deeply roasted, refreshingly bitter aroma and flavor is well complemented by the release of the rice's natural, subtle sweetness.

In the image above is Mr. Kakeru Ueno, a charcoal craftsman. In 2008, Mr. Ueno became the apprentice to the one and only remaining 80 years charcoal craftsman. His master is always healthy and full of energy for his age. One day, he realized that his master always had a drink made from carbonized roasted brown rice.

The power of brown rice coffee
Carbonized brown rice has an amazing antidotal and reducing power. Since ancient times the Japanese drink it when they don't feel well. It fixes up the intestinal environment and warms your body from the inside. As a result your basal body temperature will go up and helps fight viruses and bacteria. 

Believe it or not, this is a micro-image of charcoal roasted Nobushina Brown Rice! The pores generated within the brown rice can help to trap toxins and cleanses the body. You can detox your body just by drinking it once a week!

Studies conducted in China showed that men and women who consumed at least a cup of brown rice tea once a week for six months decreased their risks of colon, pancreatic and rectal cancer more than those who did not consume brown rice tea. 

A healthy drink that can be enjoyed by everyone
Eventually, it improves your skin, and your body will be reinforced. Most importantly, it doesn't contain any caffeine, so this coffee is a thumbs up for your pregnant wife, or your 9 years old child, drink it as much as you want in a day! Best of all, you don't get the withdrawal symptom of a coffee.

Brown Rice Coffee can be safely enjoyed by everyone at anytime, even by children. 
It is caffeine free and therefore a healthy alternative to coffee.
Great as a coffee substitute for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers as well! 

✔ Antioxidant
✔ Detoxifying 
✔ Cleanses blood
✔ Improves blood circulation
✔ Anti-aging 

How to make a guilty, yet not fattening smoothie!
Rejoice in the health benefits of brown rice with this natural remedy smoothie recipe! At the same time, enjoy the cocoa-like aroma and fragrance.

Serving: 1 pax

  • 1 x Nobushina Brown Rice Coffee tea bag
  • 180 ml Low Fat Milk 
  • 2 teaspoons  Honey or Sugar

1. Rip Brown Rice Coffee tea bag and pour the brown rice powder into a blender
2. Mix in milk and honey/sugar for slight sweetness
3. Blend until smooth
4. Sprinkle on your favorite topping eg. walnuts, blueberries

So simple and healthy! Kids love it too!

Spice up your curry, stew or rice while cooking for a richer and healthier taste with some Brown Rice Coffee powder.

Or sprinkle it on your soup as topping. Mmm, delish... You would never believe how much better it gets!

You can also serve it "on the rocks" like whisky. Just don't tell your friends it's coffee.

Brown rice is gluten-free, perfect choice for those who are allergic to wheat yet loves coffee!

They are now gaining popularity as more and more people are educated about brown rice coffee. Will it ever be as popular as the green tea? We will never know, but the benefits are good!

If you wanna try, get it here! Nobushina Brown Rice Coffee

There are two types for you to choose from. If you want the portability and serve for a crowd, get Nobushina Brown Rice Coffee Tea Bag. If you want to experience the stronger flavour and drinking just for one, get it in Nobushina Brown Rice Coffee Drip Bag!

For more information about Nobushina Brown Rice Coffee, click here


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