The trick that beauty salon won't tell you about hair removal...

Are you faced with troubles as mentioned below?
"Hair removal treatment at beauty salon is quite expensive.. but I'm concerned about unwanted body hair.." "I wish I could remove unwanted hair on my own, but shaving hurts & irritates my skin.. What should I do?"
These are the troubles faced by many of my friends & family. 
Statistics from Japan showed that 48% of women are concerned about unwanted hair on their arms, 45% concerned about armpit hair & 32% concerned about leg hair.

Therefore, I am going to reveal the trick that beauty salon won't tell you about hair removal.  It is actually something that you can do at home!

The best way to remove unwanted hair is using..... HAIR REMOVAL CREAM!
Why is that?
Let us compare the pros & cons of using hair removal cream, plucking & shaving.
In a nutshell, hair removal cream is the only hair removal method that maintain smooth & silky skin! Shaving may cause prickly sensation when the hair grows out again, whereas plucking is known to cause hair follicles to swell up.

You might be curious, which hair removal product would help you achieve smooth hairless skin?
Before that, let me explain:
  • How to select the most suitable hair removal cream
  • Hair removal cream recommendation
  • How to use hair removal cream correctly

How to select the most suitable hair removal cream

Out of all the hair removal creams in the market, which one is the easiest to use and most effective?

Hair removal creams work by melting off the unwanted hair using an alkaline base ingredient. 
These are the 5 factors that define a good hair removal cream:
  • Skin becomes smooth after hair removal
  • Ability to maintain smooth & hairless skin for 3 ~ 4 days after hair removal (varies with individual due to hair volume & thickness)
  • Does not give prickly sensation when hair regrows
  • Contains skin moisturizing ingredients
  • Does not have strong unpleasant smell
Bear in mind that, our skin becomes more sensitive after hair removal. Therefore, moisturizing is key to prevent irritated & sensitive skin.
I would suggest that you look for these ingredients in your hair removal products!
Moisturizing ingredients which are good for the skin
・Aloe vera extract
・Soybean extract
・Hyaluronic acid

Hair removal cream recommendation

Revealing my go-to hair removal cream....
Pineapple & Soymilk Hair Removal Cream by Suzuki Herb Laboratory from Japan!! 

It contains 7 herbal extracts which are gentle to the skin.  Moreover... it also contains
  • Soybean extract(beautifying ingredient)
  • Urea(moisturizing ingredient)
These 2 ingredients combine makes the skin supple & moist, preventing skin irritation & sensitivity after hair removal!

◆These are the comments of people who used this product

No prickly sensation after hair regrows

As I have very sensitive skin, I experienced skin irritation & rashes with many hair removal creams. However, my skin was totally fine after using this pineappple soymilk hair removal cream! I love it!(27 years old, female)

My skin became so soft & smooth!

After using pineapple & soymilk hair removal cream, my skin becomes so soft and I was complimented by my daughter! I'm so happy I found this product as my skin no longer feel prickly. I will continue using it! (30 years old, female)

How to use hair removal cream correctly

It is important to perform a patch test to ensure you are not allergic to the product. Apply a small amount of the hair removal cream in the inner part of your arm for 5 mins. Wipe it off after 5 mins. Then, observe if any skin discomfort or sensitivity occur within 24 hours. 

If everything is fine, you should be ok to use this product!

Correct way of hair removal
① Clean your skin where you want to perform hair removal on. Apply appropriate amount of hair removal cream. (Make sure all unwanted hairs are covered with cream!) 
②Leave the cream on according to the instruction on the packaging (usually wait ~ 5 mins)
③ Wipe cream off or rinse off thoroughly with water
④Moisturize your skin with lotion
Make sure that you moisturizes your skin after hair removal! This is because our skin becomes more delicate and prone to dryness after the unwanted hair are removed.

How often should you remove unwanted hair?

Taking into consideration of burden on the skin, I would suggest you to perform hair removal twice a month.

However, for those with high volume of hair, hair removal once weekly might be better if the skin condition is well. Please make sure that if any skin discomfort occur, stop using it immediately.


Make sure that you use a hair removal product which is suitable for your skin.
In order to identify that, you need to pay attention to the ingredients contained in the product.

This Pineapple & Soymilk Hair Removal Cream is hugely recommended by many beauty magazines in Japan due to its effectiveness while being gentle to the skin! 

So do give it a try! 
With this, hair removal can be done simple & easy at your own home!

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