First step of anti-aging, skin counterattack! Adjust water & oil ratio according to your skin's needs!!

*Effects vary from person to person (pictures are for reference only)

Freely Adjust The Ratio of Water and Oil
Lighten spots | Translucent skin | Moisturizing | Anti-aging & repairs skin damages

How can women maintain translucent and flawless skin while dealing with the humid weather in Malaysia?

Dark spots will still be unavoidable even if many skincare products were used. Especially during aging, the metabolism of the cells turns slow, the skin starts to look dull, and it becomes either oilier or drier.

Women should pay more attention to skincare since young! Treat your skin gently and carefully.

Care for your skin

While aging, our skin will be aging too, skin tone starts becoming uneven! The fine lines on the forehead will become even obvious!

The dull complexion makes me lose my original luster, even if the base makeup is thicker, the foundation will still be oxidized quickly without good skin. 
My skin condition is unstable, sometimes it’s dry and peeling, and sometimes it’s like a big oil field.

Until I met ...

CHARLENE All In One Anti-Aging Gel Cream 😍

Until a classmate reunion party, I found out that a classmate with a bad skin condition had a huge turnover. Her skin becomes tender and smooth, fair and shiny! I couldn't help it but ask her for some skincare tips because I have never believed in overly-praised products on the market.

Then, she introduced me to a Japanese product that she has been using for a long time.

After using it for a period, I recommended it to my sister right away. She began to develop spots during pregnancy. The pregnancy spots that moms know made her lose her confidence. Fortunately, she also saw the effect after using it.

CHARLENE All In One Anti-aging Gel Cream

She introduced me to CHARLENE All-in-one anti-aging Gel Cream.
It turned out when she was traveling in Japan, Japanese magazines are frantically introducing this gel that has won the world award Monde Selection for two consecutive years.

Its feature is a cream that can be freely adjusted with the ratio of water and oil. One jar of skincare products contain two totally different textures: red gel (water) and white cream (oil).

The gel has a high moisturizing effect, and the cream acts like a protective film that prevents water from evaporating. Our skin will change accordingly to our physical condition. A self-matching combination can help the skin to absorb better.

The gel can be used on greasy parts, which will prevent blackheads from clogging pores with sebum. The cream has a high oil content and is suitable for dry and skin that is lack of moisture.

What's so amazing about it

✔ It satisfies both moisturizing and water locking

 Brings moisture into the deep layers of our skin. It has a moisturizing essence oil component that can effectively lock moisture in the skin, maintaining skin hydration and prevent moisture from evaporating. It is not just to keep moisture on the skin surface.

Water loss will also cause fine lines, insufficient water will slow down the cell's metabolism, and the skin will begin to age thus looking dull.

If collagen shrinks, skin problems such as decreased skin elasticity, sagging, dullness, uneven skin tone, pigmentation and formation of melanin may occur.

 It supplies collagen, activates cells, proliferates collagen, and maintain skin elasticity

 Promotes the metabolism of skin tissue

 It contains 6 effects. NO NEED to spend more money on anti-aging serums, creams, lotions, masks, lotions, and creams.

All the benefits are now contained in 1 bottle of CHARLENE All-in-one anti-aging Gel Cream 

😍 Morning White cream: Acts as a primer. Take care of your skin, makeup will last longer and improve uneven skin tone.

😍 Evening Red gel: Good night mask. Apply a thick layer, the skin will become very tender the next morning and the skin will feel extremely moisturized.

😍 Daily use: We can mix red gel with white cream. Helps moisturize, repair pigmentation (solve freckles, chloasma), moisturize, and repair cells

How does it resist aging?

CHARLENE All-in-one anti-aging Gel Cream can well adjust the oil-water balance on the face because it has two main textures: red gel and white cream

Red Gel

😍Beauty hot spring water from Okayama containing 70 kinds of beauty ingredients which will make your skin looks younger. It is also rich moisturizing effects.

😍Can penetrate deep into the skin, helping the essence to be absorbed by the skin, increases skin elasticity.

You see the red gel, right? That's pure gold!!!

White Cream

😍Luxurious cream that contains 5 types of protein

😍Natural vegetable and fruit oil have a moisturizing and regulating effect

😍65 kinds of beauty ingredients to improve skin transparency and prevent dullness.

Dry and dehydrated skin can cause various skin problems. Its moisturizing effect is very good. Your skin will be very moisturized, and not greasy immediately after application.

Skincare is all about moisturizing!

If the moisturizing step is carried out perfectly, the skin can repair itself and become finer and smoother.

So moisturizing, water-retaining, and highly moisturizing creams naturally become the main efficacy of anti-aging skincare products.

Oil is a protective film for the skin, preventing skin moisture from evaporating and making the skin supple for a long time. Without proper oil percentage as a protective film, the skin will be dry even if it is hydrated.

CHARLENE All-in-one anti-aging Gel Cream has a good moisturizing effect, and the skin is very moisturized immediately after application.

Not greasy and can be easily spread out.

Moisturizing: It has double penetration effect, can increase the skin's water retention ability, and achieve deep moisturizing effect.

Firmness and elasticity: Restores the natural firmness and elasticity of aging skin, preventing fine lines.

Whitening: Inhibits the formation of melanin, its antioxidant properties can also destroy the melanin, thus lighten the pigmentation

Shine: It has the effect of promoting self-repair of the skin barrier and regulating skin cells

CHARLENE All-in-one anti-aging Gel Cream

A bottle of pure gold + 5 types of protein + 135 types of beauty ingredients + Japanese hot spring water Japanese anti-aging products

Its texture is between gel and lotion, it is very light, non-burdening, and relatively moisturizing.

The hand looks more translucent after being applied on. It is as moisturizing as jelly.

CHARLENE All-in-one anti-aging Gel Cream

Contains 130 kinds of essences, including many precious essences such as:

😍pure gold nano colloid, platinum nano colloid, hot spring water, royal jelly, hyaluronic acid, etc.

The essence of CHARLENE All-in-one anti-aging Gel Cream is nano-sized and easily absorbed.

It will be absorbed into the skin after being applied and not greasy, the firming effect is very obvious.

Such a magical effect allowed it to get an excellent feedback in a short time, of course, it also benefited the skin of countless women, and achieved the good results expected

How to use

CHARLENE All-in-one Anti-aging Gel Cream packaging, and a small spatula provided.

Step 1: Take the appropriate amount of gel and white cream with the included small spatula provided.

Step 2: Mix it and apply it gently on the face

CHARLENE All-in-one Anti-aging Gel Cream is also known in China as: Koko Lychee Cream


I used to ask my friends for help to buy it from Japan. Until I found a website in Malaysia specializing in authentic Japanese beauty products. What's most exciting about it is that I could receive the goods in two or three days! !!

I will repurchase this product regularly, and the price is more affordable compared to those well-known brands' anti-aging creams. They provide free shipping too!!

It can be used for up to 2 months with just 1 bottle! Such a great deal!!

Now you can get a small gift when you drop your order!

And now by entering "CRE50"  promo code on the official website, you are able to enjoy an 50% OFF instantly!!

For those who care for their skin, hurry up and grab the deal~ 

❤ 1 bottle: RM 249.90 + Free headband !
❤ 2 bottles: RM 449.90 ! + FREE GIFT (worth RM98.90) !
❤ 3 bottles: RM 559.90 ! + FREE GIFT (worth RM98.90) !

A bottle which fulfill all your skin care needs, it is definitely worth the price for such a luxurious gel cream.

*Effects vary from person to person (pictures are for reference only)

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