The beauty tip that helped me achieve youthful dewy look!

Ever since I became a mum, I have been so busy taking care of my kid & husband. But recently, I noticed that my skin started to become tired-looking & dull... and what even worst is, fine lines started to appear at the corner of my eyes!

To be honest, I have tried many water-based moisturizers for years as they are known to be less sticky, but the moisturizing effect was not as good as I expected...

Then, I switched to oil-based face cream for 3 months. 
I thought it will be able to repair my dry skin but it clogged my pores and caused breakouts! I had to put on makeup to cover my wrinkles & eye bags but it was still very obvious! I was so fed up with my troubled skin.

Until I met my friend's wife at a gathering...

Her skin is glowing. Smooth and flawless despite being the same age as me! She's currently working in the beauty industry and she knows what suits her the most.

She told me that we need to have a balance of water & oil on our skin to achieve youthful radiant skin. Applying toner or serum alone is not enough, that is why we need to apply face cream to lock in moisture as the last step. However, spending your money on so many skin care products can be expensive… yet, you are never guaranteed that they will all work on you.

Later on, she introduced me to this product which could help me achieve water & oil balance.

This is the holy grail product that she's been using after so long...

It's called CHARLENE Real All in One.

According to her, this moisturizer has been awarded Gold Award from Japan’s Monde Selection for 3 years in a row! Wow. It’s a powerful cream that nourishes, brightens, and boosts healthy skin! You literally get all the good stuff in one cream.

As someone who loves to layer products, I was a bit skeptical w/ the idea of 6-in-1 product cream at first, but somehow I got convinced by their excellent Customer Service on the product’s goodness, I said yes to trying their creams.


The cream itself is mesmerizing and it has a beautiful double texture, where cream floats in the gel. It even looks like mochi and smells like one too, like light Japanese candy!

I like to use both and mix them with my palms, rub them together then apply. It creates this super hydrating combo that layers into a semi-matte. You can also use them separately as you please. I’ve used this alone for a month and then whenever I’m too tired or lazy.


The red gel provides moisture and nutrition. The secret of the elastic red gel is "pure gold nanocolloid". Nano-sized pure gold helps to penetrate deep into the skin, increasing the moisturizing power of the skin and regaining firmness. This gel also contains more than 70 kinds of aging care ingredients which are blended in "Yubara Onsen water" (Japanese thermal hot spring water), which is historically famous for its beauty properties! 

WOW. No wonder it's super effective!

While the dense white cream contains 5 types of water-soluble collagen, that deeply moisturize the skin and stay on the skin surface to lock in the moisture and nutrients. 

I was told that this Charlene gel-cream is combined with more than 130 kinds of beauty goodness all in just one jar such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, royal jelly, amino acid, ceramide, proteoglycan, resveratrol, plant extracts, lecithin, silk, squalane, etc. I love skincare products that contain ceramide and hyaluronic acid as these ingredients are known to boost our skin hydration and fix the skin barrier effectively!

CHARLENE Real All In One contains both water & oil components. It contains anti-aging ingredients such as collagen & nano gold colloid which are known to effectively reduce wrinkles & fine lines.

Oil-based (White cream)
Since dry skin is the main culprit of aging, hence, the white cream helps lock moisture within the skin for more than 8 hours. It also prevents fine lines due to skin dryness!


A beautician once told me, "Water hydrates the skin but doesn't moisturize; oils moisturize the skin but don't hydrate."

My skin is oily in T-zone, but dry in other areas of the face where water is needed. With CHARLENE Real All In One, I could adjust the water & oil ratio according to daily skin conditions!

On days when I have dry skin, I would apply more white cream.

On days when I have oily skin, I would apply more red gel.

I was shocked to see the improvement after 2 months! It helped even out my skin tone. Now, my skin became firmer and bouncy!

Only 10 seconds to complete your skincare regime!

It serves as 1-step skincare that delivers all the goodness to the skin. My husband even complimented me that my skin has become firmer and wrinkles around the eyes have reduced! ❤

CHARLENE Real All in One Gel can also be used as a night mask as well!

I usually use the red gel as a sleeping mask to boost hydration when my skin is too dry. I feel my skin glow the next morning It deeply hydrates and nourishes my skin!

Meanwhile, the white cream can be used as a primer to protect my skin while making my makeup last longer! 



Since it has 2 textures, I just have to mix the gel and the cream with the ✨ free spatula 
✨ given, and apply it onto my face. Sometimes when I’m concerned about my skin dryness, I will apply multiple coats.


Before I start up with any new skincare, I will go through the feedback on the product first.

CHARLENE Real All in One has sold many units in Lazada & Shopee too! 

And they gained ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ stars rating...

I found so many positive customer reviews on Shopee too!

That's when I decided to give it a go. I thought oil-based moisturizer will not suit my skin. Obviously, I was wrong. My skin now looks dewy and healthy. Well-balanced skin is achieved!

If you are facing the same problems as me, I'd definitely recommend trying CHARLENE Real All in One. One bottle of CHARLENE Real All in One can last for 2 months depending on the usage.

I purchased this product from Japan Premium's official website for 50% OFF on my order!

Japan Premium is known to sell authentic Japanese beauty products. It has a lot of user reviews on their website. What's most exciting about it is that I received the product in just 3 days after ordering! They often do promotions as well, so be sure to follow their Facebook Page too, else you won't get to catch their super affordable prices!


My rate: 4.6/5 for now, might be more in the future.

Would I repurchase? Well of course!





*This is based on personal views and opinions and individual results may vary accordingly, similar results from the photos are not guaranteed.

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